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Isabelle de La Touche - swiss woman sculptor - Vaud - Switzerland - aluminum leaf - photo Myriam Ramel


Isabelle de La Touche-Nicod

artist and curator
invites you to the opening of 
" my artistic encounters#1 "

october 3d and 4th 2020  from 1am till 7pm
at Ferme de Fraidaigues, route de Morges 25 in St-Prex

Born from artistic exchanges a the De Carli Foundry in Torino, Italy, this show will allow you to to discover the work of three different artists:

Davide Rivalta

Paolo e Mariagrazia Albertelli-Abaldo

Isabelle de La Touche

The show will continue until October 25 2020

To visit please contact


The Gallery Alice Pauli in Lausanne has graciously shown my sculpture Hope in its collective show
« accrochage d’automne 2018 »

This 49 cm tall sculpture was inspired from nature :

discover the story 

It is still on show at the gallery :

Isabelle de La Touche - swiss woman sculptor - Alice Pauli - bronze sculpture - photo Myriam Ramel
invitation biennale de sculptures 2021 Rosa Turatsky.jpg


Opening Saturday August 28, 2021 from 11-18h

Artistic performances from 14h30 onwards

Guided tours will be scheduled throughout the exhibition. Open daily until November 6, 2021

Access: Ch. des Fosses 15 et Rte d’Hermance 483, Hermance


2022  First show with Emanuele Becheri and Davide Rivalta 


2021  Moves to Romainmôtier, opens AlmaM an exhibition space for artists.


2021 : Galerie Rosa Turatsky, Biennale de sculptures, Hermance, Suisse

2020 : Mes rencontres artistiques #1 with Davide Rivalta and Studio C&C, St-Prex, Switzerland

2019 : Presenting Hope at Les Ateliers de la Côte, Switzerland


2018 : Galerie Alice Pauli, sculpture, Lausanne, Switzerland

​2017 : Nefertiti: apparition/ disparition Cabinet des Curiosités, Verbier, Switzerland

2016 : Meditation, Cabinet des Curiosités, Verbier, Switzerland

2013 : Site Leclanché, Switzerland

2010 : Atelier de Lully, Switzerland

2006 : Chapelle de Collex-Bossy, Switzerland

2004 : Flores y Bodegones : Galerie Arts et Lettres, Vevey, Switzerland

1997 : Peinture Mexicaine Contemporaine Maison de l’Amérique Latine, Paris, France

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