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In 2017, working in the third dimension became a necessity: I had to touch and feel the matter.

At the time it was the ultimate way to transcend the intensity of emotions sprung from nature. A fragile fragment of driftwood is first transposed into wax then bronze. At each stage it grows: 49cm, 162 cm to fully expand into space at 3 meters from the ground. A small leaf caught in a spiderweb is transposed in a large aluminum mobile....

Besides, sculpture led me to fruitful collaborations at the foundry in Torino. Meeting the artists Davide Rivalta and the couple Abaldo-Albertelli  drove me to curate « my artistic encounters #1 » in October 2020, a successful breath of fresh air in times of Covid.


Long ago, I picked up a small piece of draft wood on the shores of Lake Geneva. 18 years later I felt the urge to bring it back to life.

Despite its small size (16cm) it exhaled a magnificent breath both fragile and powerful, recalling the Greek letter PSY symbolizing soul or psyche.

I attached it to the wall, started working with ink but something was missing: it had to be a large sculpture levitating above the waters that had stripped it on its journey down a mountain creek to the Rhone river. 

My aim through this work is to convey the overwhelming emotion I felt when I first saw this twig violently abandoned on the rough sand after a winter storm, its inner vitality, its message of hope as it reaches out to the sky…

Croquis psi.jpg
Isabelle de La Touche - swiss sculptor - Alice Pauli - Hope - bronze sculpture - photo Myriam Ramel/
Isabelle de La Touche - swiss sculptor - bronze sculpture beech leaf - photo Myriam Ramel/


It is a beautiful autumn day.

I am running towards the lake.

A mysteriously suspended leaf catches my attention.

Cought in a spiderweb it/she danses indefinately.

I am her. She is me.


I had to enhance her fragility : she first became a bronze leaf of 120cm and later an aluminum leaf.


Now she dances forever…



It is a white day.

After a short hike we ski down the Vallon de Rechy.

Slowly the sky opens : a creek emerges.

I follow its gentle curves and stop abruptly.

Between its frozen ridges emerges a shape of utter softness :

Two stones linked by a coat of snow ?

I am remain hypnotized by their fragile ephemeral sensuality.


I need to  feel them under my palms.

They become marble from Lasa : its cristals are those of snow  

Isabelle de La Touche - swiss sculptor - Geneva - Vaud - Switzerland - marble snow stones - photo Myriam Ramel/
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