Lumière, matière et pigment

Patrice de Pracontal, Editions Gourcuff-Gradenigo, Paris 2008.



This book is an essential tool to all who are interested in painting.

However beyond precious technical insights, Patrice de Pracontal is a painter himself and a sensitive teacher. He urged me to be present to the object of painting, to organize my sensations in order to try to translate what touches me: an invitation to SEE


Yahne Le Toumelin on my recent work :


"A noble painting imbued with silent and profound peace where love rests."


Armando Morales



The strongest memory from my two years working with Armando Morales besides his rigorous organisation and relentless work, was his permanent quest for sensuality in everything he saw:


"The eye does not only see but touches, becomes a finger that checks, that senses. A table, a bottle, an orange have the torpor of what doesn’t move, they are having a nap. « 

Cézanne writes...


"Art is the revelation of an exquisite sensitivity."


"Art is a religion. It aims to the elevation of the mind."


"Looking at nature in order to capture the character of the model.

Painting is not copying slavishly the object : its aim is to seize its harmony between numerous relations, to translate it into one's own words through a new and original logic."


Alberto Giacometti

"It is only while working that I know what I see."