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Based in an artistic residency located in the medieval village of Romainmôtier, at the foothill of the Jura, Isabelle de La Touche embraces a wide artistic practice.

Trained as a painter her creativity today includes sculpture, installations, programming, and the curation of events, with one aim: TO CREATE EMOTION;

2023-9 Isabelle de La Touche - photo Myriam Ramel _ - 1472.jpg


Oil painting remains my main medium. With its wide variety of opacities and transparencies it allows me to sculpt the image with an infinite softness until reaching a sense of intimacy.


Sculpture is a powerful way for me to transcend the strong emotions I can feel in nature and embody the ephemeral…

2023-9 Isabelle de La Touche - photo Myriam Ramel _ - 1297.jpg
2023-9 Isabelle de La Touche - photo Myriam Ramel _ - 1343.jpg


Located next to the thousand years old abbey-church of Romainmôtier, the artistic space AlmaM (ôtiers: soul of the cloister) is dedicated to artists whose practice is linked to nature and/or spirituality.


Besides summer exhibitions AlmaM offers artistic residencies together with concerts and conferences throughout the year.


If you would like to participate in the different events or find out more, discover our website.

Portraits & Copies

Feeling like hanging a famous painting or a portrait?

Isabelle de La Touche offers to reproduce faithfully your favorite painting from the Renaissance to Rothko as well as making a portrait of your beloved ones.

Reproduction-painting-Rembrandt-self-portrait-painter-Isabelle de la Touche 2014 - photos M
2023-9 Isabelle de La Touche - photo Myriam Ramel _ - 1542.jpg

Classes & conferences

Painting technique classes are organized on request as well as conferences on the History of Painting through techniques.

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