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A few years ago, working in the third dimension became a necessity: I had to touch and feel the matter.

At the time it was for me the ultimate way to embody the intensity of emotions sprung from nature. 

Today I feel my sculptural work is about transcending nature, reaching a manifestation of ecospirituality.

-A fragile human like fragment of driftwood is first transposed into wax then into bronze. Growing by stage from 49cm to 162 cm to fully expand into space at 3 meters from the ground. 

-A small leaf caught in a spiderweb is transposed in a large bronze, later in an even bigger aluminum mobile....


Besides, sculpture has led me to fruitful collaborations at the Foundry de Carli in Torino. Meeting the artists Davide Rivalta and the couple Abaldo-Albertelli drove me to curate « my artistic encounters #1 » in October 2020, a successful breath of fresh air in times of Covid.

This experience led to the opening of L’ESPACE AlmaM, in Romainmôtier where exhibitions and artistic residencies as are held throughout the summer.


Long ago, I picked up a small piece of draft wood on the shores of Lake Geneva. 18 years later I felt the urge to bring it back to life.

Despite its small size (16cm) it exhaled a magnificent breath both fragile and powerful, recalling the Greek letter PSY symbolizing soul or psyche.

I attached it to the wall, started working with ink but something was missing: it had to be a large sculpture levitating above the waters that had stripped it on its journey down a mountain creek to the Rhone river. 

My aim through this work is to convey the overwhelming emotion I felt when I first saw this twig violently abandoned on the rough sand after a winter storm, its inner vitality, its message of hope as it reaches out to the sky…


It is a beautiful autumn day.

I am running towards the lake.

A mysteriously suspended leaf catches my attention.

Cought in a spiderweb it/she danses indefinately.

I am her. She is me.


I had to enhance her fragility : she first became a bronze leaf of 120cm and later an aluminum leaf.


Now she dances forever…


It is a white day.

After a short hike we ski down the Vallon de Rechy.

Slowly the sky opens : a creek emerges.

I follow its gentle curves and stop abruptly.

Between its frozen ridges emerges a shape of utter softness :

Two stones linked by a coat of snow ?

I am remain hypnotized by their fragile ephemeral sensuality.


I need to  feel them under my palms.

They become marble from Lasa : its cristals are those of snow.

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